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1 ¼”

1 ½”


2 ½”

LaCons are airtight and moisture resistant hinged lid plastic containers. The convenient attached lid snaps closed for easy handling. The lids have a slip seal that fits around the outside edge of the PolyCon.

LaCons are molded from FDA conforming laboratory grade clarified natural polypropylene. Conductive and static dissipative plastic resins are also offered. They are made in 48 sizes and stocked in clear plastic resin. Standard colors are.








These multipurpose plastic hinged lid containers are usually in stock and will ship out within 48 hours of your approved order.

They can also be customized and tailored to your individual requirements. Decoration by hot stamping or labeling is available for LaCons. Custom colors can be run for minimum quantities. CLINK ON THE LINKS BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping and Labeling

Top or Bottom Labeling

Top and Bottom Labeling

The sizes and capacities shown for each PolyCon are approximated for filling water, which has a specific gratify of 1. Most products have a different specific gravity or relative density than water. They are either more or less dense. A fill test for your product is recommended in order to determine the correct size for the volume you want to fill in the PolyCon.

We recommend extensive testing for your particular product or function. We cannot be responsible for compatibility issues. To order samples click on the big blue “Order Samples” button on the items page.