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Cylinder Rounds

Bottles Jars and Tubes sells HDPE Cylinder rounds

Bottles Jars and Tubes carries a variety of plastic bottles. Our Cylinder Rounds in four plastic resins: high density polyethylene (HDPE), medium density polyethylene (MDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Other resins are available upon request, such as, soft touch polypropylene and regular polypropylene, but there will be minimum orders required. Custom colors are also molded for minimum quantities. Contact Mark Cohen at (424) 229-2018 or for more information.

Stock colors for our plastic bottles are white or natural. Black bottles are stocked in two sizes: 4 and 8 ounce HDPE.

Cylinder Rounds are made either by extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, or stretch blow molding depending on the manufacturer and the particular material they are made out of.

Bottles Jars and Tubes offers Cylinder Rounds in sizes ranging from 1 ounce up to 32 ounces depending on the type of resin they are made from.

Click on the item to the left to see the sizes for the plastic bottles pictured. Many items are in stock and are sold by the case. Some will require a minimum order quantity.

Extensive testing with your particular application is recommended to insure our bottles will work. We cannot be responsible for compatibility issues. To order samples click on the big blue "Order Samples" button on each item's page.

Decoration by printing or labeling is available for all of our products. To purchase labels fill out, print and fax our Label Quote Request Form.

Lead times vary if the items are not available. One can expect anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the manufacturer and the location being shipped to. Contact Mark Cohen at (424) 229-2018 or for more information.

Closures for plastic bottles are sold separately. To order closures click on the Closures section on the main menu.

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HDPE Cylinder Rounds

Bottles Jars and Tubes sells MDPE Cyliner Rounds

MDPE Cylinder Rounds

Bottles JArs and Tubes sells LDPE Cylinder rounds

LDPE Cylinder Rounds

Bottles Jars and Tubes sells PET Cylnder Rounds

PET Cylinder Rounds

HDPE Cylinder Rounds MDPE Cylinder Rounds

Some examples include:

Health & Beauty

  • Lotions

  • Hair/skin care

  • Travel size toiletries


  • Condiments

  • Fruit juice

  • Milk


  • Health supplements

  • Over-the-counter medicines


  • Cleaning sprays

  • Detergents

  • Crafting supplies

  • Glue

HDPE Cylinder Round Plastic Bottles

Shop High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) cylinder rounds at Bottles Jars and Tubes – your premier online supplier of bottle, jar and tube packaging. All of our HDPE cylinder round plastic bottles are blow molded to meet quality standards and design requirements. HDPE is a popular choice for many business owners, as they are 100% recyclable, sustainable, lightweight and adaptable.


HDPE plastic bottles boast a number of benefits for the consumer, manufacturer and supplier alike. Although HDPE plastic bottles are often the top choice for juice and milk packaging, they are also a great packaging solution for a number of other industries and applications.

Customization Options

HDPE plastic bottles from Bottles Jars and Tubes are available in several different sizes. We also offer a variety of colors for your convenience. Our plastic bottles are continually stocked in white or natural colors, with two sizes also stocked in black. Custom colors are available by ordering a minimum quantity of your choice of product.

We also offer custom label printing and decoration for all of our HDPE plastic bottles. This means you can customize your HDPE containers to emphasize the main benefits of your product while also offering an attractive product for your primary customer base.

For additional information about our customization options, contact Mark Cohen at (424) 229-2018 or email

Order Your Plastic Bottles

If you’re ready to order your HDPE plastic bottles from Bottles Jars and Tubes, the process couldn’t be any easier. Just select the product of interest to view the bottle’s specifications, size and features, select the quantity you need and add them to your cart.

Please remember that closures for all plastic bottles are sold separately. To find the appropriate closures for your HDPE bottles, review the Companion Products, listed on the right side of each product page. This will ensure you purchase the correct bottle caps for your particular product.

Bottles Jars and Tubes also recommends ordering samples of your plastic bottles before purchasing an entire case. Please visit our Samples page for more details about the ordering process.

If you need help selecting the appropriate plastic bottles for your product, please contact Bottles Jars and Tubes today. We are happy to help you select the perfect HDPE plastic bottles for your unique needs.

Closures are sold separately. Choose the closures you need under Companion Products for each item.

MDPE Cylinder Plastic Bottles

At Bottles Jars and Tubes, our quality MDPE Cylinder Plastic Bottles are ideal for many different products, including liquid beauty products, concentrated acids, gas pipes, food products, oils, and more. This type of plastic is less dense than the HDPE bottles, which make the MDPE plastic bottles lighter, thinner, and more flexible.

Characteristics of MDPE Plastic Bottles:

MDPE is an acronym for Medium Density Polyethylene. If you are unaware of what Polyethylene is, it is the most common plastic created. Some common characteristics of MDPE plastic bottles include:

Excellent shock and drop resistance; Combination of low and high-density plastic; Squeezable; Stress Resistant; Glossy color

Common Applications:

Our MDPE cylinder round plastic bottles at Bottles Jars and Tubes are used for a large range of products. The examples below are a few of the several different applications of our MDPE cylinder plastic bottles.

Health & Beauty & Pet Care


Skin Care

Hair Products


Grooming Supplies

Treats and Food


Food & Nutritional Supplements

Energy Drinks


Powders and Supplements







Customization Options

Our MDPE cylinder plastic bottles are offered in several sizes. We also provide options for various custom colors for minimum quantities. We can provide you with custom label printing and application to help brand your product, unique to your company or business. At Bottles Jars and Tubes, we are dedicated to creating a unique, quality package that best suits your company’s needs. If you have questions about our custom labels or silk screening, contact Cohen at (424) 229-2018 or email

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Contact Us with Questions: Call us today at (424) 229-2018 and we will gladly help answer your questions.

LDPE Cylinder Rounds PET Cylinder Rounds

This Page Is Still Being Built - Check Back Soon - Plastic Bottles: PET Cylinder Rounds

The Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Cylinder Rounds Plastic Bottles
are formed by injection blow molding. They are constructed with clear plastic resin.

Customize Your Plastic Bottles

Depending on the size and quantities of Cylinder Rounds purchased, Bottles Jars and Tubes can provide custom colors. We also provide decorative printing and labeling for all of our plastic bottles. To purchase labels or discuss silk screening options, contact Cohen at (424) 229-2018 or email

Closures are sold separately. Choose the closures you need under Companion Products for each item.