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Bottles Jars and Tubes sells LaCon samples

Samples for our Hinged Lid Plastic Vials

Bottles Jars and Tubes is proud to offer our clients a wide variety of hinged lid plastic vials to suit a number of different applications. Our plastic vials come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes for optimal usage and application in any industry, be it health and beauty, medical, home and leisure or food and drink. If you are considering purchasing cases of our plastic vials, we encourage you to order samples first to ensure the vials fit your product and you are happy with the appearance and texture.

To see our available sample styles, please click on one of the photos to the left or below. We offer a great selection of samples for the following types of plastic vials:

  • LaCons

  • LaVials

  • MicroVials

  • PolyVials

Each of our plastic vial styles boasts unique benefits and conveniences for various industries and applications. They also vary in size, shape and color, so having the opportunity to inspect a sample for yourself can help avoid ordering mistakes and save on packaging expenses in the long run.

All of our samples for hinged lid plastic vials include six clear samples and one small container in the color of your choice. Unfortunately, we cannot continually keep all of our color options available at all times, so an actual colored sample you choose may not be in stock.

Here at Bottles Jars and Tubes, our samples for plastic vials are also very affordable. Each set of six samples mentioned above is $15.00 – Priority Mail postage included to anywhere in the United States.

Once you place your order, our staff here at Bottles Jars and Tubes will process the order the first business day it is received. Once it has been processed, it will take about 48 hours to mail the samples to you. We ship them Priority Mail, so you should receive your order within two to three days of shipping. (This is applicable to most locations in the U.S.)

If you need your plastic vial samples quicker, we are more than happy to oblige your request and do everything we can to ensure you get your samples in a timely manner. Please contact Cohen at (424) 229-2018 or send an email to [email protected] if you need to request faster shipping service for your samples.

Please note that our samples for plastic vials or any other product are not returnable or refundable for any reason.

LaCon Samples

Bottles Jars and Tubes sells LaVial samples

LaVial Samples

Bottles Jars and Tubes sells MicroVial samples

Bottles Jars and Tubes sells PolyVial samples

MicroVial Samples

PolyVial Samples