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Order Your PolyVial Lab Products Sample Today

Samples are $15.00 for six samples postage included. Samples are not returnable or refundable for any reason.

We can supply high grade lab products like PolyVials and various others for different industries, but we strongly recommend ordering a sample so you know you have the right one for your needs.

By having the actual packaging or lab products in your hands, you can verify dimensions and do preliminary testing. Having the samples will avoid many mistakes.

All orders are processed on the first business day from the day they are received. Once the order is processed it will take approximately 48 hours to mail the samples to you. We mail them Priority Mail which is two to three days to deliver to most locations in the United States.

If you require quicker service, more samples, or have any questions, call, email or fax Cohen your request to (424) 229-2018, [email protected] or fax in your request toll free to (866) 387-3153.

Order your PolyVial samples below: