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Closure, Cap and Lid Samples from Bottles Jars and Tubes

Here at Bottles Jars and Tubes, we offer a variety of plastic bottles, plastic jars, containers, dispensers and more. To perfectly fit the wide range of specialty containers we provide, we also offer a wide selection of closures, caps and lids to seal your container.
Getting the right lid or closure for a container is extremely important. With improper sealing, not only are you risking losing or wasting a product, or having it spoil and sacrifice its lifespan, but you might also be risking the safety of others.

If you are working with or containing hazardous materials inside your container, having the right type of seal is essential. You need to make sure that it is durable and secure, made of the right materials for whatever you are storing, and is the correct fit for the container.

Bottle Screw Caps

Screw caps for bottles are a familiar and safe way to seal bottles and other containers. This is a standard and safe way for sealing bottles, and Bottles Jars and Tubes offers a range of sizes: 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 33mm and 38mm in either black or white. We also offer smooth caps, or rippled for improved grip.

Jar Closures

If you are looking for a way to seal jars, we offer white polypropylene dome lid closures with pressure sensitive liners to ensure a secure seal. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is used for things like plastic hinges, electric kettles and laboratory equipment. Tough, flexible and with good resistance to fatigue, polypropylene makes these jar closures a durable option. Our jar closures are available in white from 89 - 400mm.

Press Top Lids

Press top lids are commonly used dispensers usually seen on soaps, shampoos and lotions. These tough, durable lids fit like a screw top, but have the added convenience of a press top that eliminate the need to completely remove them to dispense contents. This can make things simpler and cleaner, depending on what you are storing. We have these lids available in black, white and clear in 20-410mm or 24-410mm depending on which type you click above.

Samples and Products from Bottles Jars and Tubes

At Bottles Jars and Tubes, all of the products we offer are high quality and reliable, but we always recommend that you order a sample before you commit to buying in bulk. This helps you avoid mistakes that can quickly add up to higher costs. We are here to help you find the most suitable containers and closures for whatever you are looking to store.

Choose one of the subcategories listed above to select and order your closure samples today. Feel free to contact Bottles Jars and Tubes with any questions.