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plastic bottlesIt might not seem like something anyone would spend a long time thinking about, but choosing the right plastic bottles can be a challenge. Depending on what you're storing, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. With all the different fields and industries that make use of the humble plastic bottle, durability and simplicity are vital considerations. At Bottles Jars and Tubes, we sell containers designed to serve this wide variety of users, so we aim to make it easier to make the right choice for you.

Our Variety of Plastic Bottles

Depending on whether you’re working in a lab, a doctor’s surgery, an art studio or an auto garage, many industries have a million requirements and applications for versatile, reliable storage and bottling options. Even an everyday office will surprise you with its variety of chemically-safe plastic bottles. We can supply you with Imperial round or Cylinder round plastic bottles in a variety of sizes - all made with high-density polyethylene, offering strong, long-lasting durability.


Polyethylene is the most commonly used material in making plastic bottles. It offers strength and reliability, as well as being economical and, at higher density, resistant to more caustic and acidic contents (although be careful not to use polyethylene bottles for storing solvents). The higher the density of polyethylene used in making your bottles, the stronger they are. If you're looking for flexibility over endurance, but still want something secure, medium or lower density polyethylene bottles might be a better choice.

Polyethylene terephthalate is the kind of clear plastic used in making soda bottles. This type of polyethylene is FDA approved, meaning it's safe to use with anything you plan on eating or drinking. Just make sure you're not using polythylene at extremely high or low temperatures, as it doesn't have the durability of regular polyethylene.

Or Polypropylene?

Polypropylene offers great resistance to higher temperatures, as well is being more rigid. If you’re storing anything that is of a high temperature, or know the containers you use are likely to exposed to higher temperatures, polypropylene bottles are a great choice - especially if you’re working with chemicals. Some examples of polypropylene you’ll find day-to-day are dishwasher-safe food containers, consumer hot water kettles and pharmacy prescription bottles.

Which One is Right for You?

Here at Bottles Jars and Tubes, we’re confident that we have the right products for you. However, we strongly recommend you order a sample first. Pictures might be worth a thousand words, but none of those words compete with knowing how the product feels in your hand.

You also need to consider what it is you’re going to be storing to know what density of plastic you need. If you know you’re going to be storing more caustic or corrosive materials, ordering a sample means that you can do some preliminary testing to determine the density you need. Additionally, if you’re selling a product, think about which shape and color is the right one for you and your customer base. Depending on size and type of bottle, we may be able to offer you custom colors. All of these considerations are made much easier by having a sample in hand.

Samples for plastic bottles are $15.00 with a set postage included. The amount of samples varies from plastic bottle styles and sizes. You will receive from two to six samples depending on the item.

At Bottles Jars and Tubes, we're happy to work with you to make sure you find the right bottles, jars or tubes for you. Contact us for a sample today. All orders are processed on the first business day from the day they are received. Once the order is processed, it will take approximately 48 hours to mail the plastic bottles to you. We mail them Priority Mail, which is two to three days to deliver to most locations in the United States.

Samples for plastic bottles are not returnable or refundable for any reason.

For quicker service or more information about our samples, please contact Cohen at (424) 229-2018 or [email protected].