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Caps for Plastic Bottles, Jars and Vials

Closures and Lids from Bottles Jars and Tubes

snap lid bottles jars and tubesIf you've spent time agonizing over which plastic packaging solution suits your needs the best, ending up without a good closing mechanism renders all of that time wasted. Any packaging without a good closing mechanism essentially fails its job right out of the gate. For this reason, at Bottles Jars and Tubes, we can supply the perfect one for every type of container.

We want whatever it is you're bottling to be tightly sealed and secured as much as you do. Whether it's cosmetics, art supplies, food or medical supplies, you can take a look at the closing mechanism products available from Bottles Jars and Tubes and choose the right cap, lid or top for you.

Screw Caps

Perhaps the oldest and most familiar kind of closing mechanism there is, the simple screw cap offers a reliable, tight seal for whatever container you use it for. We offer screw caps in both 20mm or 24mm sizes, both colored a simple, clean black or white, with ribbed edges to make them easier to grip and twist. You can order them in packs of 900, 1000, 1800, 1900 or 2000, depending on how many you need.

Snap Lids

Snap lids are another very common type of closure for plastic bottles that offers quicker and easier access than a typical screw cap. It also adds extra security of whatever it is you're storing by sealing the top and not having to unscrew the cap with every use. Snap lids are a simple, sleek and easy alternative to screw caps, letting you measure out smaller amounts and work more quickly. Bottles Jars and Tubes can supply snap lids in black and white, in 70mm and 89mm.

Press Tops

Press tops are a popular choice for liquid containers like shampoo bottles or oils, offering quicker and easier access than a traditional screw top, and a better seal as the top isn't required to be removed completely with every use – much like the snap top. It also lets you measure out smaller amounts of whatever is in your container. The difference between the snap lid or the press top is mainly aesthetic, although if you're likely to be opening and closing it more frequently, the press top might prove more durable. Available in black, white or clear, you can view quantities and prices on our order page.

Phenolic Caps

Phenolic caps, short for Phenol Formaldehyde Resin, are robust caps that can last a long time when exposed to more corrosive chemicals that might degrade other materials over time. The materials they're made from mean that they can't be melted down again once they're set, which is what gives them their intense durability. If you're dealing with something harsher, you might consider our phenolic caps.

Polyseal Caps

Polyseal caps are another step up in safety when dealing with chemicals and contaminants, utilizing the strength and durability of phenolic caps, with the added protection of a polythene seal. This cap is made of super-durable and safe polythene cork on the inside that plugs the container, adding an extra layer of security. Polyseal caps are the ideal solution for avoiding leaks, spills and contamination either inside or outside the container.

Bottles Jars and Tubes Has It All

At Bottles Jars and Tubes we offer a wide variety of exactly that, as well as ways to seal and keep safe whatever it is you're storing. If you have any questions about them that aren't answered here, don't hesitate to get in touch.