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Bottles Jars and Tubes is your one-stop-shop for custom squeeze tube packaging. Our custom tubes can be produced for a minimum quantity of 10,000 pieces.

e also offer advanced customization options for all of our custom squeeze tube orders. Custom squeeze tubes can be offset printed up to six colors, silk screened up to three colors or hot stamped with up to two foil colors. Additionally, if you prefer, we can decorate with multiple methods on the same job. We can also label your tubes for you.

When ordering custom squeeze tube packaging for your products, first choose your closure and head style. Then you can determine how you’d like to further customize with color (10,000 piece minimum). You can also choose to use our stock white, black or natural color closures as well.

Bottles Jars and Tubes plastic squeeze tubes come in a variety of sizes. Sizes range from 13mm (1/2”) widths to 60mm (2½”) widths and capacities also vary, with options ranging from .34oz (10ml) to 12oz (355ml).

e offer flat, oval or round tubes with many different head styles to choose from. We also have 12 finishes that are available regardless of the size, shape or material structure that is chosen for your tubes. The material can be standard low density polyethylene or multi-layer constructed extruded or laminated aluminum tubes.

hether you’re in the market for cosmetic squeeze tubes or squeeze tubes for paints and industrial products, we can create the perfect custom tubes for your product.

rder your custom tubes now with Bottles Jars and Tubes! We are proud to offer a wide range of sizes, colors and designs in our custom squeeze tube packaging department, ideal for any industry or product. For all of your tube requirements call (424) 229-2018 or email [email protected].