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Plastic Vials: Polyvials™
Polyvials™ are airtight and moisture resistant hinged lid plastic vials. The convenient attached lids snap closed for easy handling. The lids have a plug seal that fits inside the lip of the plastic vial which prevents any leakage while assuring a secure fit.

hese plastic vials are molded in four different plastic resins, depending on the end use requirements. They are made from standard grade natural polypropylene, FDA compliant laboratory grade semi-clear natural polypropylene, black conductive polypropylene or blue static dissipative polypropylene. They can also be run in lab grade polyethylene upon request. Standard, black conductive and blue static dissipative Polyvials™come in 14 sizes. Laboratory grade Polyvials™ (used as lab products) come in 12 sizes.

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