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Hinged Lid Plastic Vials and Containers

HINGED LID PLASTIC VIALS AND CONTAINERS are round plastic containers with their lids connected to them by a hinge, allowing the lid to remain accessible for easier closing. They are molded out of polypropylene or polyethylene, depending on the item. Conductive and static dissipative plastic resins are also offered.

Choose one of the 5 different styles and over 100 sizes:

Lacons® and Lavials® lids have a slip-seal that fits around the outside edge of the polycon. Microvials™ and Polyvials™ lids have a plug seal that fits inside the lip of the container. Both seals create a moisture-resistant and air-tight environment for these plastic vials.

Lacons® and Lavials® are for more general use while Microvials™ and Polyvials™ are for more specific applications.

Flex-A-Top® vertical and horizontally orientated small hinged-lid plastic boxes are molded from the highest quality Class VI USP medical grade polypropylene which allows for autoclave sterilization in the presence of aqueous solutions. FDA conforming clarified natural polypropylene. Available in colors including white, clear, and black.

These multipurpose hinged lid plastic vials and containers are usually in stock and will ship out within 48 hours of your approved order.

They can also be customized and tailored to your individual requirements. Decoration by hot stamping or labeling is available for Lacons® and Lavials®. Custom colors can be produced for minimum production runs.

Hot stamping on hinged-lid containers is a straightforward way to literally brand your product. Place your logo or other graphics on top of your polycon and create the perfect marketing tool. The hinged lid containers we offer for hot stamping are Lacons® or Lavials®.

Hot stamping on hinged-lid containers is a one-color process. We put one foil color on per container. If you are looking for more detailed graphics and vibrant colors, a printed label is recommended. To learn more about hot stamping polycons click here: HOT STAMPING INFORMATION

We offer label application and custom labels. We also can label the bottom of the Lacon® or Lavial® and hot stamp the lid. For information on labels and labeling click here: LABEL INFORMATION

You may fill in and print out our Label Quote Request Form here: LABEL REQUEST FORM

These are examples of hot-stamped and labeled Lacons®:

Purchase hot-stamped Lacons® or Lavials® by calling (424) 229-2018 or emailing
[email protected]

The sizes and capacities shown for each product are approximated for filling water, which has a specific gratify of 1. Many products such as creams and gels, have a different specific gravity or relative density than water. They are either more or less dense. A fill test for your product is recommended in order to determine the correct size plastic vial or container for the volume you want to fill in the various hinged-lid containers offered.

We recommend extensive testing for your particular product or function. We cannot be responsible for compatibility issues. To order samples click on the big blue “Order Samples” button on the items page or go to the samples section.

Custom packaging concepts and designs are also available as well as custom molding.

Please contact Mark Cohen at [email protected] for more information.

Think of all the things you will do with these plastic vials and containers with lids. Order your hinged-lid containers now!.