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Shrink Bands

Provide your customers with a product they know is safe and protected, even during shipping, handling and stocking. Our Shrink Bands offer you the capability to ensure tamper evident packaging that not only adds value to your brand and product, but also increases customer satisfaction.

Bottles Jars and Tubes offers a variety of size options so you can find the perfect fit for your product. Browse the items below to find the Shrink Band that suits your product and click on the picture to see more details.
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Shrink Band - .795" x .960"  - Product Code SHRB05 Shrink Band  - 1.11" x 1.170" - Product Code SHRB10 Shrink Band  - 1.27" x .790" - Product Code SHRB12
Product Code SHRB05 Product Code SHRB10 Product Code SHRB12
Shrink Band - 1.75" x .980"  - Product Code SHRB15 Shrink Band - 2.23" x 1.20"  - Product Code SHRB20 Shrink Band - 2.75" x 1.185"  - Product Code SHRB25
Product Code SHRB15 Product Code SHRB20 Product Code SHRB25
Shrink Band - size: 2.86" x 1.185" - Product Code SHRB27 Shrink Band - 3.50" x 1.970" - Product Code SHRB55
Product Code SHRB27 Product Code SHRB55